mandag 22. august 2011

Tyttebærtur! Picking cranberries!

I dag har Maria, Liam, mamma (bestemor), Onkel Thomas og jeg vært på tyttebærtur i skogen!
Etter flere dagen med øsende, pøsende regnvær så ble det jammen meg pentvær og godt og varmt, nesten litt for varmt med fullastet søskenvogn i oppoverbakke. Heldigvis så hadde jeg litt hjelp ;)

Today, Maria, Liam, grandma (my mom),uncle Thomas (my brother) took a walk out to the forrest to pick cranberries. After several days of heavy rain, today was a nice, hot and sunny. Almost to warm for me that had to push a fully loaded double stroller uphill. Luckly I had som help ;)

Always Punking!

Mat smaker godt når man er ute på tur!
Food tasts good outdoor!


Enkelt tøbbel!
Single trouble!

Dobbelt tøbbel!
Double trouble!

Ok, der holder!
Okay, that's enough!

På vei hjem!
On our way home!

To trøttinger!
Two tired babies!

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  1. love to take her for a walk deep in the woods, all lone I take her clothes off and eat her arse while my fingers go in her p---y, then I lay her down and eat her squishy, bald, soft little slit before she learns why a little girl really has a nice soft, warm, wet mouth, blow and watch her trying to swallow and it drips from her mouth and of her chin